Talking about Ciao Cianos

The new micropoopie video archive thing is semi open.  A novagamer friend was severely bashed up in a car wreck last year.  So, on a lark I put together a get well soon video card.  This was created with old pictures scanned in on a low dollar all in one lexmark printer/scanner and some digital pictures from a variety of family events.  

I’m sorry to say, I forgot exactly what the narration is.  The gist is pretty simple.  Here are some happy people doing happy things.  Hope you get to feeling better soon.  You know the typical get well soon card stuff.

The video was created using  Photo story, Windows movie maker, a bit of original photo cleanup with paintshop pro.  Etc. Etc.  The voice over part was accomplished with photo story 3.  I had not worked with that program before.  This was an interesting experiment with some of the features of the software.

Oh, the background music.  A 1982 song called “Island of lost souls” By Blondie. The singers name is Deborah Harry.

Ciao Cianos,t=1,mt=video
CrowdedCranium | MySpace Video

A nova games friend was nearly killed in a car wreck in Italy last year. They are rebreaking bones and the poor kid is really messed up. This is a semi funny collection of pictures with a really bad voice over translation of a greeting from babblefish.The background music is an old favorite from Blondie called Island of lost souls.

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Regarding the Condom Reef E-story

Glad you dropped in. 


Hey! if you dropped by from the link in the Condom reef Email.  Let me assure you the ocean is not filling up with used rubbers.


It was just such a weird internet rumor that has been alive for years (1996).  And most recently circulated by Whitley Streiber.  Poor Whitleys source UK online is about as goofy. 


I thought I would pass it around and see if it generated any conversation.


My appologies to anyone who is worried we are being moved offworld by used rubbers for not including the snopes findings along with it. 


Just a small oversite.

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Memorial Day a twenty second driveby.

I am making a small addendum to the May blog.
I had just returned from a fabulous lunch at the Golden corral of Steak, shrimp, shrimp scampi, and assorted victuals of a variety far too encompassing to clutter my main thought in this particular blogline.
Memorial Day.  How embarrassing I find it.  Not in the liberal Kennedy/Kerry/Clintonese way as a day of shame over militaristic postulating.
But, I find it personally embarrassing that we have come to do so very little for the remembrance of those who committed the ultimate self sacrifice in the service of this great country.  Its people, ideals, and freedoms.  To preserve those freedoms, ideals and peoples.
On leaving the restaurant I noted a Japanese brand sedan offloading. 
And on the other end of the parking lot, an elderly gentleman carefully opening the doors of his vehicle so as not to damage the other vehicles on adjacent sides.
You may ask, what does this group folk have in common with the humble elderly gentleman in the threadbare outfit.
One simple item came to immediate and glaring obviousness. 
These happy folk were offloading in the last open Handicap parking slot. 
The legless one armed man with the purple heart award sticker on his van was with pride and self reliance dragging his wheelchair out the back hatch with caution to not damage the neighboring vehicles out on the backside end of the parking lot.
It just struck me in that 20 second drive by as the happy people entered the restaurant totally oblivious to anything other than their moment in time.  As I had spent my lunch in oblivious observance of the moment. 
On the drive back, I pondered if I was unpatriotic, or unfeeling, or worse yet ungrateful.  And it occurred to me that in most likelihoods that is what those wonderful folks had in mind.  Their sacrifice would enable those for whom time goes by to do so in oblivious concern to Tyrants, Despots, and Dictators.  Together in a community of national pride spirit in the company of family and friends.
So rationalized, perhaps I did spend memorial day observance in the best way.  A brief reminder, and personal inventory surrounded by friends and family in a happy and free environment.  And I continue, "as time goes by".
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May the month of flowers

Here we are at the end of May.
The month has just shot right thru the hour glass. 
Lupe’s Birthday, Bob did a no-show.  Lunch at Casuella’s Mexican restaurant was not bad. Not excellent but not bad.  They seemed to be in an economy trend and only had crap they could pull out of the freezer and nuke up on demand.  Urgh, home made TV dinners (well restaurant made).  Even the chips and salsa were bland.
The lawn even after a virtual bath in chemicals came in this spring with a huge amount of weeds and during that first flush looked like crap.  Over the winter the squirls busy little farmers that they are had planted pecan nuts all over like Easter eggs.  The little snots got in the greenhouse overwinter and now most of the tropicals have pecan saplings coming up out of the pots.  I have orphaned them out to as many places as I possibly could that they may have an oportunity to grow into full trees.  Actually I sort of like pecans.  And if spread out pecan trees do make nice shady spots.
The azaleas are in full bloom and what a color riot they are.  I did not have the oportunity to buzz over to Muskogee this spring for the Azalea Festival there in the park.  That is always a nice day trip.  Start early, haul ass over, take a peek, haul ass back with a camera full of colors.  A walk thru "Whites Garden" is always pleasent.  Especially when the weather is nice.  This year would have been perfect.  68 and sunny on the festival days back in April.
And up to the end of May.  So much to do and so little time to do it in.  StarWars III is in the theatres.  Kingdom of Heaven looks interesting.  I had just sat it out in a cramped theatre with barely padded seats for starwars.  My butt still feels numb.  An action packed movie.  And not exactly what you picture from the teaser.  Overall a dark movie.  But, what the hell I think it was the best one yet.  But, hey they say it is the last one.  And I don’t even believe that for a minute.  Afterall we were forewarned of a return of Liam Neesan from the vapor world.  And Chewy the Wookie has some history to fill in.  Yoda needs to find a goofy little house in swampsville.  Leaha needs to grow up bitchy.  Hey for a half a billion a week I see StarWars 3.1; 3.2; 3.3.
Dad’s Birthday was a quiet event no cake.  Hot doggies, Jodie brought her grandson for lunch.  Happy 72 Dad. Jodie and Liam seemed to have liked the Hotdoggies.
Liam was crabby about leaving.  I think the lad wanted to go back to great grands for some more hotdoggies.
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April showers bring May flowers

April started like a nice spring flower unfolding.  Jasmine in bloom, decorative flower trees all in color.  And leaves like a Dragon.  Cool, Dry, and Poor Jodies Ford truck burned to the ground at 3am the 24th.  Must have been an isolated incident.  We of course know that ford cars and trucks do not spontaniously combust even if they have a Texas Instruments cruise control module.  Cheaper is not better.


I specifically avoided paying any attention to the Murrah bombing 10 year hullaballoo.  I still think there are some serious unanswered questions about just who was in the initiation of events on that deal.


Oddly and out of tradition was the spring arts festival.  It has always rained on the arts festival.  This year it did not.  It was really quite nice.  Overcast, breezy and cool.


Not a lot to comment on.  Local cable rates are increasing.  Programing is getting crappier.


I have some small interest in the spring crop of movies that will be in the summer bargain cracker box theatres.  Hitchhikers guide looks fun.  StarWars3 (actually 6) is about to release.  Odd that there has not been a StarTrek Motion picture in a while.  And the usual assortment of crap schlock and exploitaitional exercises that I have avoided wasting thought on (xXx pt2).


Let us hope that May may bring a less bland atmosphere of general items to consider.


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March into springtime ’05

March is three quarters flown by.  And I am just getting around to installing a 120 Gb Maxtor drive I bought in February.  Nice.  Dead out of the box.  Bios wont see it.  Machine has been running on bios screen for an hour, the drive is ice cold.  Sweet, Cannot find the reciept anywhere.  Just have to ship it back to Maxtor I guess.


Carolina Jasmin is blooming, and just today I see Bradford pears are bursting out in whites.  Several other trees are doing their early spring thing.  Purples, greens.  The grass is starting to peek out of the ground.  And those damnable weeds have their usual head start on it all.


This year I put out a feed crap with treflan that should slow down next years crop of seeded weeds.


Now to install the replacement hard drive.  Service the lawn mower.  Plant the roses and tomatoes.  Spray the grapes for white flies and shop for May shorts, and June AirConditioner filters.


I best do all that running around early.  Gas just popped up to 2.01.  Greed and stupidity on the planet of the apes being that which it is.  I don’t forsee it ever going back to the previously outrageous 1.00 a gallon rate.

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A half a decade?

Well well well, it finally happened.  This last week I turned 50.


Fifty years old.  I just cannot believe it has finally arrived.  I think I am experiencing some sort of shock.  I just do not feel any different than I did 30 years ago.  I still lust for blonde women and like Jack Daniels in single gulps.


Perhaps it is a little premature to get measured for a pine box yet.  Mebbe I should just roll up a purple ciggarette and contemplate five decades.


Ladies, its been great.  Heres to another 50 years of the best.

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February fast flight

I can’t believe it is not only February.  But, February is half over.


Happy Superbowl, Marti Gras, Carnival, Fat tuesday, Valentines Day, Washington’s Birthday, My Birthday, Kirsti Alley’s Birthday, Isaac Newton’s Birthday.


Busy month February is.  As a matter of fact.  Second week of February is time to go out and start limbering up the beds for spring flowers and spreading chemicals for those pesky weeds.


Poa-anna, Dalis Grass, Crabb grass, annual rhy.  Oh my!


Well I have a load of crap to catch up on, not to mention some computers that have been setting here far too long needing the magic touch.  So, I will cut this a little short and steam on to get the big chunks wiped up.

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Ohhh January die!

Here it is.  January 25, 2005.  Just about over the hump o winter.


This years most likely time for an awfull coating of snoty ice has been and gone.  I certainly hope it is just not late on the uptake.  Last week of January is ususally a respite from the icy breath of the arctic north.


Now for February.  Time to get the weed pre-emergent on the lawn.  First week will be the time to keep the worst of the early weeds from getting a foothold.  Odd to note.  The crabgrass never did really seem to die out.  Just sort of ungreened.  I think early on I will hit it with the liquid crap, and use roundup on the Dalas grass.  That stuff is almost impossible to get rid of.  And invariably an hour after I mow the grass.  there are Dalas grass fronds sticking a foot in the air.


I shall conclude this little bit of idle chatter and buzz over to the video store and pick up sky captain, I saw where the mummy was in the $7.50 stack.  I guess I will add that one in to the really crappy movie night emergency storage shelf.


Today is 70, sunny, and overall very pleasent.  Parden me while I go out for a bit of sun.

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Shiver me timbers

This has been a slow week, not just a whole hell of a lot to comment on.


It is freezing cold out.  Frost set at sunset and it is shivery cold out.  The peak of the news worthy stuff seems to be that markets are recovering, California is rained out, its damnably cold at night.  And, just as likely to continue to be this way for another 60 days.  Warm days, freezing bitter cold nights.


I find myself wishing to mow the lawn.  Green, lush, hot sweaty work.  So avoidable in the warm months.  So missed in the cold months.


I think I will shiver myself down to the steak joint tomorrow and lament the passing of summer over a bleeding slab of charcoal scorched beef and a giant baked potatoe languishing in a pool of fresh creamery butter.  Real butter not that artificial sulfuric acid washed yellow blorp.  And on the side an RC cola.  So refreshing to have a change from the usual pissy or choke a cola.

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