Time flies!

I can’t believe it has been five years. It is surely Christmas time 2016. The last five years have flown by. With few exceptions it has been like living in hell.

One truly amazing event I look back on fondly. Winter 2014, playing the prize games on Marlboro I had a popup say you have been chosen to win. I was like “what the fuck is that”. However, it did not go away and on clicking it to get back to trying to win some crappy bottle opener, a page opened declaring I was awarded an expense paid trip to the Marlboro Ranch. I could not have been more stunned if I had been pole axed.

Poverty, depression, dwindling finances, declining health. And a vacation out of the depths of my living hell. The trip was set to be late July which I figured would be more of a living hell. And I really did not believe it until I received a check for pocket money and boarding pass. So, I went to wallyworld and picked up some new clothes, cut off the cave man look, and with a new casual wardrobe flew off to Montana for three days of adventure fun.
Rick on Crazy Mountain, Marlboro Ranch July 2014
Then back again. Where it has been the same old shit.


About RWRamo

Old fat flatulent been there done that, I proscribe to the thought one should never jump out of a perfectly functioning airplane.
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