Talking about Ciao Cianos

The new micropoopie video archive thing is semi open.  A novagamer friend was severely bashed up in a car wreck last year.  So, on a lark I put together a get well soon video card.  This was created with old pictures scanned in on a low dollar all in one lexmark printer/scanner and some digital pictures from a variety of family events.  

I’m sorry to say, I forgot exactly what the narration is.  The gist is pretty simple.  Here are some happy people doing happy things.  Hope you get to feeling better soon.  You know the typical get well soon card stuff.

The video was created using  Photo story, Windows movie maker, a bit of original photo cleanup with paintshop pro.  Etc. Etc.  The voice over part was accomplished with photo story 3.  I had not worked with that program before.  This was an interesting experiment with some of the features of the software.

Oh, the background music.  A 1982 song called “Island of lost souls” By Blondie. The singers name is Deborah Harry.

Ciao Cianos,t=1,mt=video
CrowdedCranium | MySpace Video

A nova games friend was nearly killed in a car wreck in Italy last year. They are rebreaking bones and the poor kid is really messed up. This is a semi funny collection of pictures with a really bad voice over translation of a greeting from babblefish.The background music is an old favorite from Blondie called Island of lost souls.


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