Memorial Day a twenty second driveby.

I am making a small addendum to the May blog.
I had just returned from a fabulous lunch at the Golden corral of Steak, shrimp, shrimp scampi, and assorted victuals of a variety far too encompassing to clutter my main thought in this particular blogline.
Memorial Day.  How embarrassing I find it.  Not in the liberal Kennedy/Kerry/Clintonese way as a day of shame over militaristic postulating.
But, I find it personally embarrassing that we have come to do so very little for the remembrance of those who committed the ultimate self sacrifice in the service of this great country.  Its people, ideals, and freedoms.  To preserve those freedoms, ideals and peoples.
On leaving the restaurant I noted a Japanese brand sedan offloading. 
And on the other end of the parking lot, an elderly gentleman carefully opening the doors of his vehicle so as not to damage the other vehicles on adjacent sides.
You may ask, what does this group folk have in common with the humble elderly gentleman in the threadbare outfit.
One simple item came to immediate and glaring obviousness. 
These happy folk were offloading in the last open Handicap parking slot. 
The legless one armed man with the purple heart award sticker on his van was with pride and self reliance dragging his wheelchair out the back hatch with caution to not damage the neighboring vehicles out on the backside end of the parking lot.
It just struck me in that 20 second drive by as the happy people entered the restaurant totally oblivious to anything other than their moment in time.  As I had spent my lunch in oblivious observance of the moment. 
On the drive back, I pondered if I was unpatriotic, or unfeeling, or worse yet ungrateful.  And it occurred to me that in most likelihoods that is what those wonderful folks had in mind.  Their sacrifice would enable those for whom time goes by to do so in oblivious concern to Tyrants, Despots, and Dictators.  Together in a community of national pride spirit in the company of family and friends.
So rationalized, perhaps I did spend memorial day observance in the best way.  A brief reminder, and personal inventory surrounded by friends and family in a happy and free environment.  And I continue, "as time goes by".

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Old fat flatulent been there done that, I proscribe to the thought one should never jump out of a perfectly functioning airplane.
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