February fast flight

I can’t believe it is not only February.  But, February is half over.


Happy Superbowl, Marti Gras, Carnival, Fat tuesday, Valentines Day, Washington’s Birthday, My Birthday, Kirsti Alley’s Birthday, Isaac Newton’s Birthday.


Busy month February is.  As a matter of fact.  Second week of February is time to go out and start limbering up the beds for spring flowers and spreading chemicals for those pesky weeds.


Poa-anna, Dalis Grass, Crabb grass, annual rhy.  Oh my!


Well I have a load of crap to catch up on, not to mention some computers that have been setting here far too long needing the magic touch.  So, I will cut this a little short and steam on to get the big chunks wiped up.


About RWRamo

Old fat flatulent been there done that, I proscribe to the thought one should never jump out of a perfectly functioning airplane.
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