Ohhh January die!

Here it is.  January 25, 2005.  Just about over the hump o winter.


This years most likely time for an awfull coating of snoty ice has been and gone.  I certainly hope it is just not late on the uptake.  Last week of January is ususally a respite from the icy breath of the arctic north.


Now for February.  Time to get the weed pre-emergent on the lawn.  First week will be the time to keep the worst of the early weeds from getting a foothold.  Odd to note.  The crabgrass never did really seem to die out.  Just sort of ungreened.  I think early on I will hit it with the liquid crap, and use roundup on the Dalas grass.  That stuff is almost impossible to get rid of.  And invariably an hour after I mow the grass.  there are Dalas grass fronds sticking a foot in the air.


I shall conclude this little bit of idle chatter and buzz over to the video store and pick up sky captain, I saw where the mummy was in the $7.50 stack.  I guess I will add that one in to the really crappy movie night emergency storage shelf.


Today is 70, sunny, and overall very pleasent.  Parden me while I go out for a bit of sun.


About RWRamo

Old fat flatulent been there done that, I proscribe to the thought one should never jump out of a perfectly functioning airplane.
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