The Dayze after Christmas

This will go in the books as the first year of the secularist I think. 


At nearly every oportunity to do so, the chance to say "Merry Christmas" seemed to be avoided in deference to "Happy Holidays".  And although there is a reference that the ACLU would create butt apples over (holidays- holy days).  It removes the specific of Christmas, or the old Roman Catholic "Christ’s mas".


And even though the late december holiday is an old Roman pagan feast converted over to the convenience of the third Justinian congress to debate just what would be the format of the Roman Catholic party line.  It is still none the less set aside as the day of days for specifically the carpenter of Nazereth.  Perhaps more later on just what sort of hammer and nails sort of guy he was.


Back to the main tangencial directive of this train of thought. 

Happy Holidays.  I hope you have time to consider the taxes the democrats are prepairing to fit in your ass when they get back from their paid luxuriant traveled winter vacations to make up for 6 decades of strong armed robbery of the social security funds.


That sounds so bland and impersonall.  More of an insult one would hurl in the face of a less than courteous junior clerk in a department store.


Merry Christmas, may the blessings of the lord on this his day grace you and your family.  Hmm, that does have a different flavor as it rolls off the tongue.


The Christmas part of the Holidayze behind us, I wish you a very pleasent run to the new year.  As I predicted last December 2004 has been a year for the record books.


Relax, reflect, rejoice.  You made it one more time.  Prepair yourself to herald in 2005.  I think it will also be a knock down drag out year it it’s lead up to elections in old time feudal islam land double whammies.  Afghanistan has proven it can be done even in a stink hole with no export resources other than stupidity and heroin.


Iraq is about to prove it can be done in a larger arena with far more to vie for.  One fifth the worlds oil resources in a world of growing hunger for industrial fuels.  Take my advice.  If you see one of those vendor things that will sell you one million Iraq dinar for 10% of the going rate.  Buy them.  A month ago it was $600.00, this month $1000.00.  At one time under Saddam it was one to one with the US dollar.  It could help hedge the difference in what the Democratic party feels you need for social security retirement income.


And perhaps later in the year when Ted and John, Al, and the good Dr.Dean are all trying to hide in a more conservative appearing light to save their miserable carcass’ from the torchlight mobs. Things will start to look more cohesive. Until the forces in the wings that would strip all the warmth and decency out of our civilisation begin to tighten the batons.


But, until those terse times decend upon us.  My very warmest wishes for a Happy New year from all of us, to all y’all (thats an okie-ism, you may smirk or chuckle)

And do be carefull about your level of consumption.  The partier you get, the drinker you become.




About RWRamo

Old fat flatulent been there done that, I proscribe to the thought one should never jump out of a perfectly functioning airplane.
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One Response to The Dayze after Christmas

  1. Richard says:

    I concur, this was a bland Christmas.

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