The Day of Christmas eve

As the spectre of Christmas future ominously wafts in thru the window in these early hours of the day of Christmas eve ’04, it occurs to me that I have achieved zero christmas shopping for year ’04.


I wonder if my relatives will think I am a cheap Scrooge of a lump?  Perhaps, but what the hell.  If they want something, I’m easy enough to find.


I think I will spend the evening hours contemplating just what is Christmas spirit.  Much more than the the contemplation of what a haul will be dragged down.  Or the tribute doled out.  But the actually feeling of pleasure in the company of those with a similar genetic pattern.  A celebration of having come full circle around the arc of the sun in the great cosmic clock.  An introspective look at life and the living of it.  Particulary the pleasure generated at the consumate digestivity of time.

I think the afternoon hours I may try something I have not done in some time.  I will observe people, for an hour I will be a collector of mankind.  I will wade out into the mading crowd and observe the sights and sounds of the passing majesty of mankind and the hurley burley hustling harlequins therein.

And upon that note, I wish you a very merry Christmas.  May you also find pleasure in the oddities of mankind.  Particulary the foibles and frailties of those close to you.




About RWRamo

Old fat flatulent been there done that, I proscribe to the thought one should never jump out of a perfectly functioning airplane.
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