Petard of Procrastus

Having secured a PCI 802.11g card for the PC, of course it was necessary to install it.


And having installed it.  It was necessary to look at the blinking lights reflecting from the back of the pc case juuuuuuuust right in shiny back lamp.  And marvel at the winky little bits of crap now in the tray icon clutterbin area.

Hmmm, just what is a Mbps?  Is 54Mbps good?  Or, am I being scammed again.

I wonder if this would work any less better if only WinXP was in control as opposed to having some idiotised secondary handler.  It so much reminds me of a dialer handler for some less than marvelous ISP like AOL, or ATT.


I wonder if I should worry that the "Smart Configuration" configurator is too damn smart.


I would be seriously upset to find it was an eavesdropping spammill data miner.


Perhaps I am just a bit paranoid this morning.


I know what it is, I have not had a shot o Java and two cigarettes to kick off the day.


I shall repair that revolting development, and then dive into the settup of SBC ADSL connection.  I am severely bored with Dialup access.


About RWRamo

Old fat flatulent been there done that, I proscribe to the thought one should never jump out of a perfectly functioning airplane.
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