Just getting caught up

RWRAMO-48th. Brithday_0005What can I say, winter sucked big time.  It was cold and my bones ached.  Now Memorial day and it is safe to say spring has sprung.  Memorial day Is the traditional kick off for summer picnic fun in the sun.

May 28, 2011 Dad’s 80th Birthday.  I thought I would shave off the caveman look.  Beverly had hosted a birthday party at a little Mexican joint over in Bethany off of 23rd street called Mi Pueblo.  I had eaten there before back in February on a cold rainy evening.  It was good then, and good again today.  Which is a good thing, I was hungry enough to eat the north end of a south bound mule.

This last week has been filled with Tornado tragedy.  The usual death, destruction, mayhem.  I dodged the bullet, everyone I know dodged the bullet too so no story there to relay on fortunately.

binLadencopyNational importance news from a couple of weeks ago, That poultry plucker Bin Laden was reported killed in a special operation navy seal raid on his hideout.  So, it is reported they shot him in the eye and dumped his goofy ass in the sea as fish food.  Maybe yes, maybe no.  I guess the convenience is they can squeeze him like a grapefruit and then dump his skanky ass in a dog food plant.  Then there was one of his wives that caught a slug and has not been heard from since.  And they are still looking for yet another of his worthless boys to end his air wasting antics as well.  And the interesting part of that prefab story?  The Navy and Walt Disney are suing each other over copy write infringements after Disney ran down and filed a copy write trademark on Seal team 6.  Good old Mickey Mouse, isn’t that Goofy.

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March 2011 in like a Lion

This has been a forgettable February and remarkably memorable March.

My Birthday parallel to the folks anniversary as always, has been and gone.  Congratulations on your 57th anniversary.  For my part good riddance to another birthday.  The annual event was held at what in my opinion is the least likely to be visited again of restaurants “Johnnie Carino’s“.  Almost every time I go in, I am nearly suffocated with a chemical attack by some excruciatingly overpriced cheap cosmetics that almost shut down my respiration.  Thank the French for the the discovery of artificial ambergris.

And along marched in March.  It was heralded with a severe dose of Flu.  The musical pertussis of lungs sounding like bubbly bagpipes accompanied by purple faced whooping.

March 1, Uncle Charlie (Charles Harrison Carleton) passed onto the sands of time after an extended Alzheimer induced disintegration.

Charles Harrison Carleton Charles H. Carleton, Jr. died March 1, 2011, in Oklahoma City. He was born September 24, 1922 in Oklahoma City, the eldest son of Charles H. Carleton, Sr. and Ida Estelle (McCord) Carleton. A major portion of his 88 years were lived in this city. At 20, Charles was inducted December 2, 1944 into the U.S. Army for World War II, with Basic Training at Fort Sill, OK and then to honorably and valiantly served under General George Patton’s 3rd Army, the 689th Field Artillery, Battery A. He experienced heavy action in Northern France, the Ardennes (The Battle of the Bulge), Rhineland and Central Europe, and earned the Good Conduct Medal, American Campaign Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with four bronze stars; World War II Victory Medal, an Honorable Service Lapel Button WWII, and a Marksman Badge with Rifle Bar. Among other official duties after the war ended, he played baseball on the Army’s team until being separated from service in December 1945. Soon after discharge from the Army, he played softball in an Oklahoma City businessmen’s league. While working temporarily at Tinker AF Base, he met his life’s mate, Marquita when they both worked there. On July 28, 1946, the two had a double wedding with Marquita’s sister, Mercedes and her husband, Albert L. Wheeler, Jr.. Both couples have been married for 64 years. Charlie always loved sports and coached the Northeast Little League Baseball League, and church leagues, with his son, Skip, as a player, boasting many trophies and championship wins. His most avid interest, however, occurred on the golf links. He played at the Tinker Golf Course, making trips over the state and southwest with groups, playing many courses. Locally, Hefner Golf Course was his “home away from home” where for many years he was starter and Marshall. He earned membership in the “Hole-in-One Club.” Everyone liked Charlie, with his affable, soft –spoken demeanor and quick wit, resulting in scores of friends. His greatest affection was directed toward his family of whom he was very proud. They enjoyed 18 years at their vacation cabin at Lake Eufaula, picnicking, skiing, fishing, playing golf and good fun. Holidays celebrated with family were some of his greatest joys and taking granddaughters to the State Fairs. Charlie always attended all grandchildren’s functions including football, baseball, softball, basketball, plays, musicals, recitals and granduations. His memberships included the American Legion, Charter Member of the National WWII Museum, Northeast Optimist, Republican National Committee, Tinker Golf Club, National Rifle Association, Silver Spur Square Dance Club, Oklahoma Retired Citizens’ Travel Club, U.S. Golf Association, Northside Bible Church for many years and most recently, Quail Springs Baptist Church. Predeceasing him were his parents and brother Marvin and his wife, Ruth, and a sister-in-law, Norma. Charles is survived by his beloved family: wife, Marquita Jeanne (Ball) Carleton; son Charles H. “Skip” Carleton, III and wife, Ulrike “Rike,” daughter: Denise L. Lovelace and husband, Mark; four grandchildren: Travis and his wife Candis Lovelace, and Michael Lovelace; Stephanie Carleton-Grim and Matt; Christine and Mason Hopkins. Charles was also blessed with six great grandchildren: Gabriel, Nathan and Elise Grim, Annie and Samuel Hopkins, and Christian Lovelace. Survivors include his brother, Douglas and wife Charlene Carleton and their son, Robbie and niece Pam and husband Vance McSpadden and their son James Douglas and wife Elizabeth; sisters-in-law Mercedes Wheeler and husband Al and their 5 children and families; Fredine Ramo and husband Vince and their sons Richard and Robert and his wife Lupe; and Jodi Iago and family. Relatives and friends are invited to a family reception 6 to 8pm, Thursday, March 3rd at Crawford Family Funeral Service in Edmond. A celebration of life will be at 10:00am, Friday, March 4th at Quail Springs Baptist Church in OKC. Our eternal gratitude is extended to Sooner Hospice with their caring, dedicated staff: Cindy, Phyllis and Paula, and particularly Nurse Nightingale, also known as Gayla; fabulous nurses aide, Shirley; and the inspiring and encouraging Chaplain James Hall. Memorial gifts may be made to Sooner Hospice, Alzheimer’s Assoc., or Quail Springs Baptist Church Building Fund. 

–Only March 7, and I still have the flu.

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The middle of November 2010

The Autumn is upon us.  The trees are changing colors, the night is crisp. 

For my Brothers birthday, we all got together at a small start up of a restaurant called “Inca Trails in Qual plaza shopping center.”.  A quaint little place with Peruvian cuisine.  I had an unpronounceable concoction that was easily translated from Inca to English as “Steak and Egg”.  Which was of course a grilled steak topped with two eggs with a side of fried plantain (from the banana family) some peeled avocado slices, lettuce,   and a rice ball.  The mall parking was easy, the atmosphere Andean with murals of Machu Pictu accented with Andean Flute wafting along the bistro.  Actually a quite surprising lunch.  Afterwards I gave Bob the unopened RCA EZ1000 movie camera I won in this summer’s Marlboro contest.

Veteran’s Day was barely mentioned this year on the “regular mainstream media”. On Monday the Golden Corral Restaurant has an evening appreciation dinner for veterans.  I see many capitalizing on the free feed that do not have that veteran appearance.  But, that is OK.  It is good they too are exposed to we who served.  Thanks again comrades it had been a pleasure.

And yet to come is Thanksgiving.  But, more on that later.

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Time Traveler discovered in 1928 street video

RickfaceThis has been around for a week or so.  And makes interesting speculation.

Is it a time traveler? 

Could it be Mr. Scott disguised in drag with a cloak covering his engineers tools? 

Or, is it a poor unfortunate gnarled old troll of a woman scarred and bent by the big one of ‘08 just muttering to themselves while clutching the side of their head?

I am no lip reader, but it looks like they briefly turn toward the camera to say, “F’INE, just fine”.

What do YOU think?

If this was so earth shaking to this video production company why is it uploaded only in 420 rez and not HD?

Please feel free to comment.  I would be especially interested in what an accomplished lip reader may make of the mutterings of this strange person.

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Autumn 2010 and Nova has been down a week

Nova has been down all this week.  Fortunately the gaming is not tied entirely to Nova.  In tough times like this it is possible to get a good game via BattleLan.  This little LAN utility is a little iffy.  Sometimes it works, and sometimes it does not.  Why this is I do not know.  I am gratified when it does.

Here is a video where they are using BattleLAN to play Need For Speed.

BattleLAN server with Need For Speed.

You will notice the tutorial mentions both host and player IP are input into BattleLAN.

Ending scenario for Joint Operations AW2 map “Extinction Pt.3.
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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Let us take a minute to see what this editor does.  I may prefer the microcrap blog tool in the new live package.

So far it would be simple to say, I am not terribly thrilled.  No youtube embedded video.  Just upload to a storage bin.

In fact, I would rate this as crap.  For a forty dollar upgrade you can make it expensive crap.  I liked the myspace better. thanks for nothing microsoft.  As always it was worth what I paid for it.

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Talking about Ciao Cianos

The new micropoopie video archive thing is semi open.  A novagamer friend was severely bashed up in a car wreck last year.  So, on a lark I put together a get well soon video card.  This was created with old pictures scanned in on a low dollar all in one lexmark printer/scanner and some digital pictures from a variety of family events.  

I’m sorry to say, I forgot exactly what the narration is.  The gist is pretty simple.  Here are some happy people doing happy things.  Hope you get to feeling better soon.  You know the typical get well soon card stuff.

The video was created using  Photo story, Windows movie maker, a bit of original photo cleanup with paintshop pro.  Etc. Etc.  The voice over part was accomplished with photo story 3.  I had not worked with that program before.  This was an interesting experiment with some of the features of the software.

Oh, the background music.  A 1982 song called “Island of lost souls” By Blondie. The singers name is Deborah Harry.

Ciao Cianos
CrowdedCranium | MySpace Video

A nova games friend was nearly killed in a car wreck in Italy last year. They are rebreaking bones and the poor kid is really messed up. This is a semi funny collection of pictures with a really bad voice over translation of a greeting from babblefish.The background music is an old favorite from Blondie called Island of lost souls.

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